Video Links For My Scrapbooking 101 Students

Each time that I teach the Free Scrapbooking 101 Class at work I find myself short on time and not covering all the information that is contained within the “leaders guide” provided to me by “big business.”  Perhaps this is because I include more information that I think is more important for a beginner “scrapper.”   So I am always closing the class by recommending that my students go back and watch a few videos on-line.  Here are links to some of those videos that do an amazing job elaborating and demonstrating the techniques and ideas that I concentrate on in this class.  Many  veteran scrappers will already be familiar with these ideas…


Glitter Girl Adventure 004: Layer upon Layer – Glitter Girl sets out to find easy ways to add more ‘stuff’ to scrapbook pages that seem a bit bare.

Glitter Girl Adventure 008: Pick a Pack of Patterned Paper – Glitter Girl takes on an adventure in picking a pack of patterned paper.  Her adventure takes her through her thoughts on choosing a less-than-obvious colour scheme from photos, picking the patterned papers and embellishments, then creating a page from start to finish.

Glitter Girl Adventure 013: Multiphoto Mayhem – Glitter Girl takes on a multi-photo challenge.   Her adventure takes her through a work-in-progress album and the creation of a layout with four 4×6 photos on a single 12×12 page

Glitter Girl Adventure 038 :: Clustered Combinations – Glitter Girl brings you an extended episode with full details on creating clustered embellishments for your scrapbook pages.

Glitter Girl Adventure 068: Finish with Finesse –  Glitter Girl focuses on the second half of the scrapbooking process.  Her adventure takes her through a new layout with three specific tips that can be helpful if embellishing and finishing a page is where you feel most challenged.

Glitter Girl Adventure 095: Fearless Layer Lessons – Glitter Girl takes you through a step by step process for layering paper and embellishments on your scrapbook pages, so you can layer without fear.


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