Just Checking In

For the past few weeks, I have been scrapping like a mad woman. I have been using a lot of older pictures and trying desperately to use papers I have been hoarding for years. I know that we all have this stash; things we HAD to have and have never really touched or papers that we loved and still have lots left. I also have an extensive stash of 6×6 paper pads I have been holding on to.

I am one of those scrappers that tend to only want to use the newest lines… So older stuff tends to get forgotten. The sad truth is papers still tend to get wrinkled. I am  trying get some of these papers used before I officially deem them too old or too “destroyed” to use.

“Get those papers out of ‘hoard-zone’ and use them or don’t buy any more paper.” This is the continual dialogue in my head.

Getting to the main point of this post. I have a HUGE stack of pages that I need to photograph and post. I am dreading  it because it will take a fair amount of time. My question is rather you like all the detail shots or would a giant page dump be adequate? 

I enjoy keeping the blog and having a running record of what I have done online, but ultimately what I share is for all of you. I  would really like your opinion on this one. Thanks!

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