Mr. I am too Cool for this with Studio Calico Here & There

The Layout

DSCN1234 - Copy

The Details

Let me begin this post by apologizing for the strings of hot glue that show up in my pictures.  I did not realize there were so many until I uploaded my pictures. These are, however, easily removed and do not leave any marks or residue on my pages… I am just going to have to go back and clean up this page before putting it in my albums.  I use hot glue to glue on woodsy embellishments.

DSCN1236 - Copy

There is really not a whole lot to talk about regarding this layout.  It was one of those that I began fairly late at night and it just kind of organically fell together once I decided what papers I was going to use.  I knew the story I wanted to tell… so the most important design decision I had to make was how and where I was going to highlight the journaling.


DSCN1239 - Copy

DSCN1240 - Copy

I chose one of these Polaroid-type frames that I get at Michaels to “frame” my journaling.  I also colored the car woodsy that came from Basic Grey’s Hipster line and used that to start my visual triangle.



I played with an additional grouping of woodsies from Studio Calico to finish the visual triangle.

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