Enjoy the Journey with Simple Stories Smarty Pants and Project Life(various collections)

The Layout



The Details

I had this adorable picture of Calen hanging out at big brother’s little league game last summer.  This picture reminded me of what it was like always being dragged to my own brother’s sporting events as a child.  I hope that his experiences won’t color his interest in sports negatively, the way it did me.  As a rough and tumble boy, I don’t think I have to worry about him.  He is built from tip to toe to be a natural athlete as he gets older.  I started this page knowing the message I wanted to pass on.


I knew I wanted to pick up the vibrant orange from this picture; I started looking through my files for a paper line that had a lot of orange in it.  I stopped looking when I came upon Smarty Pants from Simple Stories.  I hadn’t used any of the paper from this collection.  I had plenty of papers to choose from.  I stuck with the “basics” from the collection; the composition book print in this line is easily one of my favorite things about this collection. This is to be expected from anyone who knew me in high school and college; I have always loved a good composition book! I also choose to use the green grid paper and the star pattern from Smarty Pants.  I typed up my journaling and printed it on the yellow composition paper and sat it aside.

While working on the layout I got a package in the mail from Paper Issues.  In that little envelope there were frames that I had ordered from Fancy Pant’s Be Different Line.  This green slide frame was in that package and the green worked perfectly with the green in the paper on my page.  Amazingly, I had typed my journaling so that it would fit perfectly in the frame.  As an added bonus, “Enjoy the Journey” was a wonderful title for this layout… it was quite serendipitous .


I started laying out the base of my page, cutting out a strip of the green grid paper to sit my pictures on.  I layered that with the star paper and I cut that into a large banner flag.  I had a originally added a Project life card to add the date to; with the arrival of the frame in the mail, however, that card got covered up with the frame and journaling block.  I added the orange flag from October Afternoon’s Daily Flash line to cover the  writing on the PL card.  I stamped “What’s Happenin’” on the flag, but it went on crooked.  Normally, this would drive me insane; but I am working hard at adding stamping and inking to my pages and learning to be happy with the little imperfections.


I thumbed through my PL collection and gathered a few cards that would enhance the color scheme of the layout and provide me with some extra layers to put under the picture.  I inked the edges of of my papers and began assembling the page.


I really liked the simplicity of this page and how the papers were working together.  I really didn’t want to clutter it with too many embellishments.  I thought the fence obscured enough of Calen’s adorable face, I didn’t want there to be too many elements to fight for attention.  These little woodsy stars were the perfect addition.  I kept them naked and placed the corners of my triangle.


I had tons of embellishments laid out.  I easily could have gone overboard because the other thing that came in my package from Paper Issues was the April Swag Bag.  The colors in this kit were perfect for this layout, but I resisted the temptation to add too much.  I was super pleased with what I had and I called the page complete.

One thought on “Enjoy the Journey with Simple Stories Smarty Pants and Project Life(various collections)

  1. Your use of all the different papers did not detract from the adorable expression on Calen’s face..Love it !!!

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