Smile with My Mind’s Eye My Girl

The Layout



The Details

This page kind of just fell together after I had completed the layout for %100 Genuine Girl.  I had all the pieces of My Mind’s Eye My Girl laying out on my desk, including pieces I had cut into but decided not to use on that layout.  I just started playing with those pieces.. resisting the urge to cut into any more paper.


I had a nearly full sheet of this beautiful blue floral print; but for some reason I had cut the bottom at a awkward angle.  I decided to play with that angle and added a strip of the stripe paper to the bottom of the page in order to make the page a full 12×12 sheet.  I added the tail end of a piece of ribbon that was hanging on my ribbon rack above my desk to cover the seam of the papers where I added the striped piece. I inked the edges of the paper in pink distress ink and assembled the base of the layout.


I fell in love with the polaroid camera chipboard piece and had to add this little bit of adorable-ness to the layout.  I really wanted to include a polaroid frame to look like it was coming out of the camera, but I couldn’t get it to look right (boo Sad smile).


You could see reflections of my sister-in-law and my niece’s best friend’s mom in the mirror behind the girls in the photograph.  I decided to place the smile word bubble chipboard over their reflections, which would serve double duty as the title for this page.

I had originally intended to make six rosettes for this page, but the stars were out of alignment and only three went together in a way that was satisfactory to me.  I added some brads from the My Girl collection to the center of two of the rosettes and a tin pin to the third and set them aside, disgruntled that things were not going exactly as I had planned.  The chipboard shapes started calling to me, and I chose three flowers from what was left on the sheet.  I added brads to two of those, as well, and another tin pin to the center of the third.  I placed the chipboard flowers at the top left hand corner of the photograph and placed the rosettes in the lower right hand corner.  I was then satisfied with the layout and called it done.


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