Cricut Cart Chaos

Wow… this post does not want to be written. I have typed it, and proceeded to erase it three times already… I wonder if that is a sign that I reword what I have written (or learn to save drafts as I am writing… one would have thought I had learned that in college :P)

So, here I am trying one last time to post my rant about Cartridges.   As my fellow Cricut obsessee’s are likely to already know, Provo Craft is planning to release 100 carts in 2010!  100 carts, talk about mental overflow!!!!  A few weeks ago, they posted the first few carts to be released, and let me tell ya… three of the four are must haves for this scrapper; especially this one: except for the fact that it is only available at HSN.  Now talk about something that truly upsets me!  I have NEVER bought anything from a Home Shopping Network, and to be honest… I never really planned on it.  I hate how places like HSN and QVC always try to make it seem like you are getting a GREAT deal by ordering from them, but really they just over-charge.  As a special event price they are offering it for $54.95… not such a great price, especially when you add in Shipping and Handling.   I want this cart, but do I want it so bad that I am willing to do something that I don’t honestly believe in (ordering from a place like HSN)  Gah!!!! the Chaos.

Onto other Cart news.  I woke up this morn to an e-mail from my mom with this little picture in it: Yes!! It is the Robot cart.  Supposedly, people are seeing it show up at Meijers!  So excited!  Can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

What Cricut carts are you waiting on?  Please share in the comments section.

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